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UA-5231M-4GE CR ICP DAS Communication Server



UA-5231M-4GE CR

IIoT Communication Server with 1 Ethernet Port, 4G Communication (Metal Case)



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Model: UA-5231M-4GE CR

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UA-5200 Series is a series of IIoT (Industrial IoT) Communication Server for integrating the system and devices of IT and OT. UA features the IIoT Gateway function that allows users to access the remote I/O modules and controllers via Modbus TCP/ RTU/ASCII, MQTT, and EtherNet/IP communication protocols. IIoT gateway function can also convert these I/O data to OPC UA or MQTT protocols for the needs of connecting with the MES, ERP, SCADA and Cloud services (Support to execute OPC UA and MQTT communication at the same time). Besides, UA features the Data Logger function that allows users to write the I/O data directly into the remote database, and save to the local file as the historical records. UA supports Cloud platform that can connect to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or other Cloud platforms to send over the I/O data; and support Cloud logic service platform “IFTTT” which can connect many web APPs that allows users to receive first-hand notification messages through the most commonly used mobile APPs when an event triggered. UA Series enhances the networking and interoperability between IT and OT. Through UA series, users can easily deploy for Industrial IoT.


  • Simultaneous Writing for Remote Database and Local Data Logger
  • Offline Data Recovery Mechanism for Remote Database
  • Support to Enable OPC UA and MQTT at the Same Time
  • MQTT Broker (Including WebSocket)
  • Support a Complete Information Protection Mechanism
    •  HTTPS, Communication Encryption, Block List
  • IoT Cloud Platform Connection
    •  Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix, Alibaba Cloud
  • IFTTT Logic Control Triggers the APP Notification Function
  • PID Logic Operation Function