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LC-103H CR ICP DAS Lighting Control



LC-103H CR

1-channel AC Digital Input and 3-channel Relay Output Lighting Control Module with High Power Relay Output



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Model: LC-103H CR

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  • Provide High Power Relay Output to turn ON/OFF the Lighting
  • Support Lighting Module (Max.):
  • Incandescent Lamp: 40 W/ 220 VAC * 8 Sets
  • LED(Electronic ballast): 40 W/ 220 VAC * 10 Sets
  • Isolated AC Digital Input
  • Made from fire retardant materials (UL94-V0 Level)
  • 5000 VDC Intra-Module Isolation
  • ±2 kV Surge, ±4 kV ESD and EFT Protection
  • Supports Modbus RTU and DCON Protocols
  • Low power consumption
  • DIN-Rail mounting


The LC-103H is an easy-to-use lighting control module that requires no specialist skills to install and operate, and no software is needed in order to control the DO channels.
The LC-103H provides 1 channel for digital input (photo couple isolation) and 3 channels for relay output. All output channels are form A type relays, while the input channel is based on a sink-type using a wire connection. The input channel can directly control a 3-channel relay ON and OFF sequence without requiring a remote host controller. 4 kV ESD protection and 5000 Vrms intra-module isolation are also provided.
When required, communication with the LC-103H is programmable based on the DCON & Modbus RTU protocol, and an added benefit is that different addresses can be set for DCON & Modbus RTU communication via hardware configuration.



Function: Local and Remote Direct Control Relay ON/OFF and Remote Status Monitoring

EMS Protection

EFT (IEC 61000-4-4): ±2 kV for Power
ESD (IEC 61000-4-2): ±2 kV Contact for Each Terminal
±4 kV Air for Random Point
Surge (IEC 61000-4-5): ±2 kV for Power

LED Indicators

Status: 1 LED as Power Indicator

Digital Input

Channels: 1
Type: Wet Contact, 90 ~ 240 VAC
ON Voltage Level: 65 VAC
OFF Voltage Level: 56 VAC
Isolation: 5000 Vrms
Input Impedance: 68 KΩ, 1 W

Relay Output

Channels: 3
Type: Power Relay, Form A (SPST N.O.)
Contact Rating: 16 A @ 250 VAC or 16 A @ 30 VDC
Operate Time: 10 ms Max.
Release Time: 5 ms Max.
Electrical Endurance: 120,000 ops.
Mechanical Endurance: 5,000,000 ops.
Application Specification: (1).Incandescent Lamp: 40W/ 220VAC * 8 Sets
(2).LED(Electronic ballast): 40W/ 220VAC *10 Sets

COM Ports

Ports: 1 x RS-485
Baud Rate: 9600 bps
Data Format: (N, 8, 1)
Protocol: Modbus RTU/DCON


Input Range: 10 ~ 30 VDC
Consumption: 0.5 W Max.


Dimensions (mm): 72 x 100 x 59 (W x L x H)
Installation: DIN-Rail


Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +75°C
Storage Temperature: -30 ~ +75°C
Humidity: 10 ~ 95% RH, Non-condensing