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I-87063 CR ICP DAS Relay IO Modules

I-87063 CR ICP DAS

I-87063 CR

4-ch Isolated Digital input and 4-ch Power Relay Module



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Model: I-87063 CR

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Digital Input

Input Channels: 4 (Sink/Source)
Input Type: Isolation, Differential
On Voltage Level: +3.5V ~ 30V
Off Voltage Level: +1V max
Input Impedance: 3K Ohms, 0.25W
      Channels: 4
      Max. Counts: 16-bit (65535)
      Max. Input Frequency: 100Hz
      Min. Pulse Width: 5ms
Intra-module Isolation, Field to Logic: 3750Vrms

Digital Output

Output Channels: 4
Output Type: Power Relay, Form C
Operating Voltage Range: 
      0.6A (47~63Hz)@5 ~ 110VAC
      2A @5 ~ 24VDC
Relay Contact Voltage Range: 
      0.6A (47~63Hz)@0~ 125VAC
      2A@0~ 30VDC
Max. load Current: 2.0 A
Max. Operate Time: 3 ms Max.
Max. Release Time: 2 ms Max.
Insulation Resistance: Min. 100 MOhms, at 500VDC
Dielectric Strength: 
      Detween Open Contacts: 500Vrms (at 1 Minute)
      Detween Coil and Contacts: 1000Vrms (at 1 Minute)
Relay Life: 
      Mechanical: 100,000,000 min.
      Electrical: 500, 000 Min. at 30VDC@2A, Resistive

LED Display

1 LED as Power/ Communication Indicator
8 LEDs as Digital Input and Relay output Indicators


Power Consumption: 1.0W


Operating Temperature: -25 to 75 °C
Storage Temperature: -30 to 75 °C
Humidity: 5 to 95%, Non-condensing


30mm x 88mm x 115mm(W x L x H)