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I-7563U-G CR ICP DAS USB Converter


I-7563U-G CR

High-speed USB to Isolated RS-485 Active Star Wiring Converter with CA-USB18 Cable (Gray Cover)



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SKU: 118510

Model: I-7563U-G CR

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  • Fully Compliant with the USB 1.1/2.0/3.0
  • RS-485 Active Star Wiring Applications
  • 3000 VDC Isolation Protection on the RS-485 side
  • Transmission speed up to 921.6 kbps
  • No External Power Supply required
  • Automatic RS-485 Direction Control
  • ESD Protection for the RS-485 Data Line
  • Operating Temperatures, -25 °C ~ +75 °C
  • DIN-Rail Mounting


The I-7563U is a cost-effective module for transferring serial data via USB. It allows you to connect your serial devices to systems that use a USB interface. Connecting the I-7563U to a PC, you get one COM port on system. The I-7563U contains "Self-Tuner", this chip auto-tunes the Baud Rate and data format to the RS-485 network. The I-7563U module derives its power from the USB port and doesn't need any power adapter.
Do you have any RS-485 wiring problems I-7563U is a USB to 1-channel RS-485 converter with a 3-way RS-485 Hub. Each channel contains its own RS-485 driver IC, so it can support star-shaped wiring.


LED Indicators

Status: 1 x Power and Communication

COM Ports

Ports: 1 x RS-485
Baud Rate: 300 ~ 921.6 kbps


Specification: Fully Compliant with the USB 1.1/2.0/3.0
Connector: Type B


Input Range: +5 VDC from USB
Consumption: 0.5 W


Casing: Plastic
Dimensions (mm): 72 x 115 x 35 (W x L x H)
Installation: DIN-Rail Mounting


Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature: -30 ~ +75 °C
Humidity: 10 ~ 90% RH, non-condensing