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I-7050AD CR ICP DAS Digital IO Modules


I-7050AD CR

7-ch Non-isolated (Wet) Digital input and 8-ch Non-isolated (Source, PNP) Digital output Module with LED Display using DCON Protocol (Blue Cover)



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Model: I-7050AD CR

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I-7050AD is intelligently designed to provide signal conditioning system monitoring and safe value settings. I-7050AD is a cost-effective solution for a wide range of valuable industrial control signals and systems. The DCON utility can help users to configure and test I-7050 Digital Input/Output modules. Plenty of library functions and demo programs are provided to let users develop programs easily under Windows, Linux and DOS operating systems. Users may mount the modules on a DIN rail, panel or wall. Modules have a screw-terminal block to connect to the signals.

Digital Input

Channels: 7
Input Type: Sink, non-isolated channel with common ground
Off Voltage Level: +1V max.
On Voltage Level: +4V ~ +30V
Input Impedance: 3K9, 0.3W
      Channels: 7
      Max. Counts: 16-bit (65535)
      Max. Input Frequency: 100Hz
      Min. Pulse Width: 5ms

Digital Output

Channels: 8, Source, PNP
Output Voltage: 30V max.
Output Current: 50mA max.


Interface: RS-485
Format: N, 8, 1
Baud Rate: 1200 ~ 115200bps

LED Display

1 LED as Power/ Communication indicator
7 LEDs as Digital Input indicators, and 8 LEDs as Digital Output indicators (for I-7050AD)


Input Voltage Range: 10~30VDC
Power Consumption: 0.5W (I-7050A) / 1.4W (I-7050AD)


Operating Temperature: -25 to 75°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C
Humidity: 5 to 95% RH, non-condensing