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DB-16P CR ICP DAS Data Acquisition Boards



16-ch Bi-direction Isolated Input Board



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Model: DB-16P CR

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  • 16 optically isolated digital input channels Connects directly to A-82X board or any 812pg,711 series board or 720
  • 726 series board and PCI Bus Multi-function Board
  • 1AC/DC signal Input
  • 1AC signal input with filter
  • 1Input buffer with voltage compactors

The DB-16P is a 16 channel isolated digital input daughter board forA-82X board or any 812pg,711 726 , 720 series board, and PCI-Bus Multi-function board.
The optically isolated inputs of the DB-16P consists of a bi-directional OPTO-coupler with a resistor for current sensing. You can use the DB-16P to sense DC signal from TTL levels up to 24V. You can also use DB-16P to sense a wide range of AC signals. You can use the board to isolated the computer from large common-mode voltages, ground loops and voltage spikes that often occur in industrial environments.

I/O connector Electrical Specifications

Configuration: 6 optically isolated digital input channels
Compatibility: TTL compatible

Digital Input:
        Number of channels:16,each with it's own ground reference isolated from other channels
        Maximum input voltage: 24 VDC or 24 VAC

Digital Logic level:
        Input Low voltage: 0V(min) ~ +/-1V (Max)
        Input High voltage: +-2.8V(Vrms) ~ +/- 24V(Max)

Input impedance: 1.2k

Source Current:
        5V inputs: 4 ma/channel minimum
        24V inputs: 20 ma/channel minimum


Response Time: 20ms without filter / 2.2ms with filter
Power Supplies: +5V@224mA/ maximum
Dimension: 205mm x 114 mm


Operating Temperature: 0 -60°C
Storage Temperature: -20-70°C
Humidity: 5% to 90 % noncondensing
Power Consumption: 12V /0.53V ; 5V / 0.2A